Soulful GriefWH

You just lost your person. Now you have to figure out how to live without them, and it hurts.


I know. I've been there.

You feel raw and overwhelmed most of the time.

You are struggling to function in regular life while grieving.

You constantly ask yourself, "how do I do this?"


You are right at the beginning of your journey. Now is the time to connect with the embodied tools that will help support your grieving process now and always. 

In Soulful Grief, you will

Connect with Your Body: Your body is the house for your grief. Throughout this process, I will guide you to follow what feelings and emotions come up when you move, with the intention of accessing your grief. As you feel sensations and feelings come up, I will guide you to move with them in a way that helps you process the feelings without pushing them down. 

Create Rituals: Your grief needs its own space, time and energy to fully process. I will introduce rituals in each session and support you in creating your own practices that allow you to attend to your grief without getting lost in it. 

Gain Tools: Your grief is fresh, and as painful as it is, it is yours to carry. I will teach you embodied practices and provide you with movement, art and writing prompts each week that you will be able to return to as your grief continues to ebb and flow.


Enrollment is by Application Only. 

If you wish to be considered, please apply below.

Enrollment for Individual Soulful Grief Programs is rolling based on season and availability. Spots are limited so I can do my best work. 

The next Soulful Grief group will begin in January 2022.


Individual Soulful Grief Programs are $1,197. Soulful Grief Groups are $598.  

Reparative Pricing is available for Black and Indigenous Americans.

Payment plans are available for all. 

If you live in New Orleans, contact me directly about local pricing. 


From walking in an ever-present haze of grief, you now feel grounded, connected with your body, resilient and prepared to continue walking your own soulful grief journey.