Sacred Grief 

You lost your person, and then life happened.

Does this sound like you?

You have trouble focusing on tasks and find it difficult to be present.

Your close relationships are suffering and you keep your social circle small because anything more than a few people feels overwhelming.

You experience bodily aches and pains, and may even be on medication for it.

You haven’t made that move, applied for that job or tried a new activity in years.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are grieving in a culture that has no time and space for deep sorrow. Your grief is talking to you through your body, and it just needs a safe space to fully process.


In Sacred Grief, you will 

Move Your Grief: Identify how grief is living in your body by seeing what feelings and emotions come up when you move, with the intention of accessing your grief. As you feel sensations and feelings come up, I will guide you to move with them in a way that helps you process the feelings without pushing them down. This initial phase will help you feel relief that otherwise wouldn’t be felt with therapeutic approaches that don’t involve your body.

Honor Your Grief: Each session will include time and space to create rituals that allow you to make meaning from your loss without getting stuck. These rituals include meditations, intention setting and moving while being witnessed-all with the purpose of creating a safe container for your grief to be what it is and move as it needs to. Setting aside weekly time for your grief teaches your body that there is a safe place for the grief to land. Overtime, this decreases bodily tension and makes it easier to both function and thrive in life outside of your grief.

Integrate Your Grief: It is essential for your healing to hang out in circles of people who will understand and support your needs. Through this process, you'll understand exactly who you need to say "yes" to and how to safely let go of those who will not serve you. You identify what relationships/personality traits your grief feels safe around. We will make a plan to actively seek out those people and qualities in the spaces you occupy. Building these healthy relationships will allow you to experience authentic joy as you continue to carry your grief.

Sacred Grief Individual VIP Inclusions & Cost

  •  Twelve 75 minute sessions, using a personalized combination of meditation, movement, art-making, writing and verbal processing.

  • Lifetime access to movement/art videos to support your process outside of session.

  • 20 minutes of private chat support per week to process any overwhelm that comes up between session.

  • Total investment is USD $3,997, which can be paid in one payment of USD $3797.15 USD (5% off) or 6 payments of USD $666.

Sacred Grief Group Inclusions & Cost

  • Ten 90 minute sessions, using a combination of meditation, movement, art-making, writing and verbal processing.

  • Weekly movement/art practices to support your process 

  • Group support outside of session via a private group.

  • The total investment is USD $1,997, which can be paid in one payment of USD $1898.10 (5% off) or 6 payments of USD $333.

  • Join the waitlist to get in on the next group. 

~ Reparative pricing is available for Black and Indigenous Americans.

~ If you live in New Orleans, ask me about my local pricing.

Enrollment is by Application Only.

If you wish to be considered, please apply below. A link to book a connection call is included in the application. I look forward to meeting you soon. 




VIP applications are rolling based on season and availability. In order to do my best work I only hold space for a limited number of clients per season. Apply as soon as you're ready.  

From feeling too stuck in your grief to try anything new, you are now imbued with a new sense of energy and appreciation of life that inspires you to chase after the goals and dreams you’ve been putting off and placing on the back burner for too long.

Instead of making yourself smaller and feeling frozen, you develop a deep relationship with and appreciation for your body and learn to include it as your closest ally in your grieving process.

You take risks, laugh loudly and dance unexpectedly because you know that nothing lasts forever, and you want to live life fully while you have it.

Signs and memories of your person make you smile as often as they make you cry now, as you recognize that your relationship with your person really does continue far beyond the time they existed in bodily form.

You are comforted by their presence in your mind and body, and feel inspired to incorporate your favorite qualities of your person into your life.