If You Think This is Weird, Sign Up: Lara shares her experience of the Soulful Grief Program in summer and early fall 2021. 

My experience with Grace included a series of 1:1 move your grief workshops. I felt very safe in the space that she held. I appreciated the format and process where she guided me with movement and then held space to witness me find my own movement to release trapped grief in my body. I found that in my grieving process of the loss of my brother, I was struggling to create intentional time/ritual to process. The workshops with Grace modeled for me a flexible format I can adapt and incorporate on my own to continue to process my grief. Grace created for me a non-judgmental, safe, warm and contained environment to allow myself to release emotional pain associated with my grief.


I participated in Move Your Grief during a time when I felt emotionally detached from the aches that resided in my body. Being led in gentle exercises allowed me to not only acknowledge the pain I was holding onto, it jump-started a very necessary process of release.

Moving grief with Grace was wonderful and cathartic, dislodging some deep-seated grief that left my body over our three sessions. Her kind and gentle approach gave me new tools to connect with my grief during our sessions and after while in personal meditation and ceremony.  I have incorporated the tools I learned into my own approach to restorative yoga, nidra and tarot sessions.  I entered our first session not knowing what to expect and left the third session feeling intensely grateful that I followed my intuition to connect with her work and medicine.

-Ruthann Gagnon 

Grace is a skilled + wise midwife to the inner workings of grief. Her workshop series Move Your Grief brought me into an intimate +  compassionate relationship with the murky + turbulent waters of my pain. I am grateful to have experienced such beautiful work of internal healing + communal witnessing. I will surely be back!

-Julie Brannen

Move Your Grief has given me the space and tools to hold the complexity of my grief with self-compassion and curiosity. Grace holds a space of deep integrity, gentle bravery and radical hospitality. Everything is welcome and witnessed. Grace's presence and practices guide me home to myself, and give me permission to be with what is arising.

-Morgan Mitchell

I knew this was something that I needed but was resistant to fully allowing myself to feel the grief that has been in my body before and during the pandemic. Resistance came up like sticky honey and I felt as though my body was dragging, leading up to the retreat, doing all that it could to protect me from not letting the waves crash and to feel the full sadness that was being pushed down and down inside of me. Yet I knew in my gut that it was time to give it the space it needed to let it all out.

The grief retreat for space holders was more than I could imagine. I found myself feeling held and supported by other humans that I just met and by Grace's calm and rooted presence. Not only did she provide us with small activities where we could write, dance, or draw the grief that we were holding on to, but also allowed for space for us to share verbally and non-verbally about the process...My entire body felt so relaxed, at ease, and exhausted afterwards.

I know that this grief journey is not over and has just begun, but now I have a container, a place to land, and the reminder that my body is my sacred home to come back to again and again, lighting and re-lighting the eternal flame that is within me, even when it gets too dark and cold, I know that I can use movement to come back home to myself and to my grief. I cannot recommend Grace enough as she moves with grace and holds space with grace and ease, holding you when you can barely stand up on your own.

-Rachael Singer