Why Move Your Grief?

Whether consciously or not, many of us have absorbed the belief that if we let ourselves be in our grief, we will crumble and not be able to get back up and function. I believe the opposite is true-that creating intentional time and space to fully be in our grief is actually the tool for both functioning while actively grieving and integrating our grief more effectively into our lives and identities. Moving your grief creates that intentional space. Using elements of meditation, both guided and unguided movement, art-making/journaling and verbal processing, I curate a space for the grief you hold in your body to move, be moved and ultimately transform.


It is important to name that while this particular format is unique, Indigenous cultures around the world have always recognized and attended to their grief in community through movement, art-making, song and ritual. Many of these traditions have been lost or stolen by the forces of colonialism, patriarchy, racism, capitalism and xenophobia. I am indepted to these traditions and I encourage you to also lean on your own cultural traditions to support you in your grieving process. 



Moving your grief is a loss oriented way of attending to grief. Painful as it is, this allows us to fully process our losses and makes it more possible to attend to other parts of life.