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Grief Resources for Your Mind, Body and Spirit 

Upcoming Events


Moon Retreat: Feb 12, 12-3 PM CST

The moon is dark, shadowy and watery. This half-day retreat is here to give grieving people the chance to turn inward, release and recharge from the pain of carrying grief in an unforgiving world. It will include meditation, movement, writing, drawing & verbal processing. 

Sun Retreat: March 5th, 12-3 PM CST (Recording will be Provided)

The sun is bright and expansive. This half day embodied grief retreat is designed for those who are similarly in an expansive phase of their grief after the necessary time of turning inward. This will be available even if you can't make the live retreat (recording will not include personal shares from live attendees). 

Anytime Offerings

Past Life Regressions offer a powerful opportunity to create a sense of wholeness in grief. I guide you into a state of receptivity that allows you to travel back to the lives you were meant to visit and learn from. After gently guiding you back to the present moment, I invite you to write down everything you experienced and then support you in verbally processing your journey.  


The Sensing Grief Package allows you to get a taste of this work without the full commitment of a VIP program or group. The package includes one 30 minute connection call, three 60 minute embodied grief sessions and one 30 minute follow up call to help you integrate the experience. Each session includes a tailored-to-you combination of meditation, movement, art-making, writing and verbal processing. 




Books and Articles

Elephant Journal Article on changing grief 

Women to Watch Interview

It's Ok That You're Not Ok: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture that Doesn't Understand-Megan Devine

Yoga for Grief and Loss-Karla Helbert

A Woman's Book of Grieving-Nessa Rapoport

The Wild Edge of Sorrow-Francis Weller



My Youtube Channel


My meditation library, free live Events & community on Insight Timer


What's Your Grief? Articles, playlists, exercises etc for all manner of grief.

Refuge in Grief More Megan Devine. Unabashed, genuine grief support. Includes a writing group and the "Speaking Grief" documentary. 

Great Ladies Club Tarot readings, yoga, healing.


Podcast Interviews & Personal Favs

Mind Your Body Podcast Interview


Growing Through Grief Podcast Interview


Terrible, Thanks for Asking for if you feel alone in your grief and also want to laugh.