Until the winter of 2018, I was privileged to have suffered very few losses. Then, the woman who gave birth to me died of metastatic breast cancer, and my world fell apart. My grief brought me to my knees again and again over the next weeks and months, forcing me to succumb to repeating and progressive sensations of splitting open and coming undone as I learned to grapple with this impossible reality.

As I became accustomed to physically, emotionally, and spiritually surrendering to the shape-shifting nature of my grief, an
overwhelming and initially foreign houseguest, I unwittingly ushered in an embodied sense of resilience. I developed a felt knowing in my body that I could be with and remain steady amidst all manner of pain and discomfort. This resilience created the foundation for a spiritual opening that was not present in my body before my mother passed. My capacity to hold multiple realities expanded, and I learned how to carry my broken heart without shutting down. 

Through meditation, movement, art-making, writing and verbal processing, I will guide you to move towards and through your grief without getting stuck in old patterns. You will come away transformed in your relationship to your body, your grief, the one(s) you are grieving and life itself. 

I'm so glad you're here. 


Why Embodied Grief?

White Branch

All grief is embodied because all of us have bodies. The body experiences grief long before our minds and outside communities catch up.


Yet, active attention to the body has largely been left out of dominant conversations on grief and loss. My work is here to bring the body back into grieving and, by extension, into fully living. 

If you've felt out of sync or unmet by other grief spaces and therapeutic practices, this might be the space for you. 

Listen to me share about how I invite the body into grief work AND why it matters       

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