My journey to this work of holding space for grief began the moment my own mama died of metastatic breast cancer in the winter of 2018. In that early period following her death I had to learn how to be present in my busy life while grieving this earth shattering loss. Since I was a quarter of the way through an intensive embodied master's program in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, I couldn't shut my body down and I couldn't disconnect from the pain of my grief. I had to keep my body open in order to learn how to do my job. This was incredibly painful at the time, but in retrospect I'm grateful for that because it led me here, to this soul work that truly fills me. 

That ability to stay open-hearted while grieving is what I hope for you. Grief lives in the body, and the fact that you are seeking grief support that goes beyond the verbal is no accident. You are a multi-faceted being, not a computer with arms and legs. My work is about helping you use the incredible facility of your body (the only thing you always have with you) to move through the grief that you carry. This will ultimately lead to the transformation you need and can't even predict right now-perhaps in your spirituality, perhaps in your relationship to yourself and the one(s) you are grieving, perhaps in your connection to your body, and most likely in all of the above.

Our bodies have an innate capacity to hold multiple realities, emotions and experiences, so allowing your body to guide your grieving process will naturally help you tap into this power on a conscious level. This is one of the many ways that embodied grieving becomes a life skill when it is approached intentionally.


Know that wherever you are in your grieving process, there is healing to be found here. I'm so glad we found each other, and I look forward to connecting. 


Why Embodied Grief?

White Branch

All grief is embodied because all of us have bodies. The body experiences grief long before our minds and outside communities catch up.


Yet, active attention to the body has largely been left out of dominant conversations on grief and loss. My work is here to bring the body back into grieving and, by extension, into fully living. 

If you've felt out of sync or unmet by other grief spaces and therapeutic practices, this might be the space for you. 

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